Latin Art Gallery Prague


Carmen Cólogan


Prague, Czech Republic

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Islarios is an extensive conceptual project, a reflection on territory and its influence on our lives. The trees represent islands from different parts of the world, isolated and at the same time united by their particular condition.

The inauguration was attended among others by the President of the Government of the Canary Islands Mr. Paulino Rivero Baute, the Vice Minister of Tourism Mr. Ricardo Fernández de la Puente Armas, the Spanish Ambassador to the Czech Republic Mr. Pascual Ignacio Navarro Ríos, the president of SpainArt Marcela Tosal and the director of Canaria Travel Mrs. Lenka Vikova. The President and his team attended an international conference in Prague where the new connections between Eastern countries and the Canary Islands were presented and took advantage of their stay to support this initiative of SpainArt sponsored by Canarias Cultura en Red.

This is already the third time that Carmen Cólogan has exhibited with great success in this Central European country. The first time her work was part of the group exhibition Pintura Canaria del Siglo XX that travelled to Prague and Bratislava in 2010. On that occasion his work was exhibited in the company of such important artists as Oscar Domínguez, Manolo Millares and Jorge Oramas. Few people know that Oscar Domínguez had an intimate relationship with the former Czechoslovakia between 1946 and 1948, where he exhibited his paintings on several occasions and even created works during his extended stays in Prague and Olomouc. This relationship arose from a group exhibition of Spanish artists exiled in Paris, which was held in Prague at the legendary Manes gallery, in which Domínguez took part. It was the first international exhibition to be held in Czechoslovakia after the Second World War. Domínguez returned several times on the basis of this contact and we do not know what would have happened if these trips had not been interrupted by the communist coup in Czechoslovakia in 1948.