Four Spanish painters

Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague


Pavel Štěpánek


Prague, Czech Republic

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As part of the SpainArt Association’s philosophy of promoting Spanish artists abroad and fostering cultural exchange, it organised an exhibition at the Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague, which displayed the works of the Levantine painters:  Ángel Mateo Charris, Gonzalo Sicre, Joël Mestre and Santi Tena For this event we had the support and sponsorship of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Consortium of Museums, the Government of Murcia, the Spanish Embassy in Prague and Canaria Travel, one of the most important tour operators in the Czech Republic. No less important than the financial support is the figure of the exhibition’s curator, Professor Pavel Štěpánek, whose international prestige precedes him, especially in Spain and Latin America. Under his curatorship, the selected artists represent a whole generation of painters who stood out on the Spanish art scene at the turn of the millennium and who represent a new concept of painting beyond the artistic boom of the 1980s. Although we cannot speak of a group, in the proper sense of the word, there are certain points that unite them. They all live and work in the Spanish Levant and connect with traditional Spanish painting. They were all born between 1961-1970, which allows us to speak of a generational group. They are artists who devoted their work to figurative painting and were influenced, among others, by pop art. They are creators with a significant career in the national sphere and most of them have also participated in numerous group exhibitions in foreign museums.